Today's origami tutorial - it's a special one for March of the Robots!

If you live in Leeds, and haven’t come across ‘March of the Robots‘, then you’d better get on board! Next weekend (25th/26th October) everything is coming to a head

But what is it, I hear you ask? Well, March of the Robots is a year-long civic project that has been exploring what happens when you give a city a challenge to creatively respond to. In this instance the challenge is to create 10,000 robots by the end of October 2014 & the robots that have been created so far have been made from everything from cardboard to code

On Sunday 26th, people will be meeting at Debenhams at 12pm, and bringing their robots! Can they reach the 10,000 target?

Well I certainly hope so – to make things a little easier for people who might find it difficult to attend any of the many robot building events, I’ve designed a robot face origami pattern, just for March of the Robots! It’s been tested by my merry paper folding crew, and should be easy enough for children and beginners alike to fold.

The instructions can be found here on Instructables –


robot head

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